A Piano Goes Flying at the Justin Bieber Concert in Dubai –

A Piano Goes Flying at the Justin Bieber Concert in Dubai –

Posted on by Carole Soto

A Piano Goes Flying at the Justin Bieber Concert in Dubai

Bieber Fever hit an all-time high when the young superstar hit the stage in Dubai for a two night gig, May 4th and 5th, for his “Believe” world tour. The tour, which he started in September, has seemed to plague the pop star from the beginning, with confrontations with German immigration over his pet monkey to speculation that Anne Frank, if alive today, would have been a “Belieber”, he been the centre of controversy . It has been rumored that the government of Oman, a conservative Islamic nation, had cancelled his tour stop there due to what they considered to be indecent photographs of him, shirtless, posted on the internet.

All went well in the first night of the Justin Bieber Concert in Dubai, except for the fact that it was two hours late in getting started. But all seemed forgiven once the party started, and his young fans swooned to all their favorite Bieber hits.

Night two was a different story, and Justin was back in the spotlight again. For the second night in a row, the concert was two hours late in getting started. Midway through the concert, a fan ran onto the stage and grabbed the teenage heart throb from behind as he performed “Believe” on the grand piano. The motive for the fan’s behavior is uncertain, with speculation ranging from the fan being upset about the two hour delay to the idea that the fan just wanted a hug. But what happened next turned into pure mayhem.

In the event, caught on video, it appears that the overzealous security guards, in their attempt to corral the young fan, tackled him to the ground with such force that they knocked the grand piano over, and it fell off its pedestal.  Fortunately Justin had already managed to free himself and had run to the side of the stage. He continued his performance while security dragged the young man off the stage and lifted the piano back up on to the platform.

Fortunately for Justin, after his recent bout of bad press, this episode probably helped him more than it hurt. His reaction was purely professional, taking just a three-minute break before returning to the stage to sing “Boyfriend” and “Baby”. It was clear that he was committed to keeping the concert going for his fans. He later tweeted, “Dubai. Nothing stops the show. 2 more to go.”

So even though they were two hours late getting started, and a piano went flying at the Justin Bieber Concert in Dubai, the 19 year-old superstar’s reputation and popularity are soaring higher than ever in this city.