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Posted on by Carole Soto

Dubai is probably one of the most glamorous cities which have defined luxury in its own terms. The magnificent urban landscape features immaculate skyscrapers. The sheer architectural magnificence of these giant structures with its posh services and entertainment bonanza in its interior catches the breath of the gravest and most unbending of persons. One example of the mammoth steel structures is the Burj Khalifa.

The tall monumental steel structure rises gracefully amid its smaller counterparts in the center of Dubai. It is the tallest building in the world at one point rising its proud head against the blue of the sky at 828 meters. The exclusive Dubai park and water garden covers almost 11 hectares of plush greenery and aquatic beauty. Hotel stays in Burja Khalifa have become an amazingly wonderful experience for tourists who have money enough to pay for the privilege. The sheer exclusivity of this opulent hotel has offered to its temporary residents a semblance of life fit for a king. The hotel that is being talked about is the Armani Hotel. Inaugurated on 27th April 2010, the hotel has caught the fancy of tourists all over the world. The following five are cited as main reasons.

1. The power of the Armani brand:

Armani is an exclusive Italian international fashion house that manufactures and distributes ready-to-wear clothes for men and women, leather goods such as handbags and shoes, eyewear, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and the likes. The Armani brand has a strong image on the minds of the consumers and it has lived up to the expectations in equal measure while opening a chain of luxury hotels and resorts under the exclusive brand name. The first venture in the hotel sector by Armani was in the 39 bottom most floors in the Burj Khalifa tower, equipped with 160 suites and guest rooms and as much as 144 residences.

2. Armani Spa:

This is the world’s first in-hotel spa covering a mammoth floor space of 12,000 square feet. This exquisite space is home to thermal suites, treatment rooms, an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center. The latest state-of-the-art appliances have been built in to the fitness center for physical exercise. The swimming pool offers a cool reprieve from the heat and exertion of the humid climate. Treatment rooms are home to the deliriously comforting massages and spa rooms full of subtle tranquility and sublime pleasure that a quality spa provides.

3. Armani furnishings in residences:

The exquisite furnishings within Armani residences and the building has been lead by none other than the founder of Armani himself, Giorgio Armani. These high end home décor furnishings and interior design –furniture, linens, lamps, bedding and furniture– have transformed the residential experience into something iconic and memorable. Kitchens and living rooms convey more than its literal meaning through the Armani logo..

4. The sweetness of Armani/Dolci:

The love for chocolates are insatiable and the line of Armani chocolates named Armani Dolci is just irresistible to the chocolate lovers all around the globe who just loves the creamy surreal sensation in the mouth when the chocolate melts in the mouth. There are milk, dark, and white chocolates –whichever one desires—to be packed beautifully in an Armani labeled box designed to make chocolate lovers swoon in wondrous pleasure. Needless to say, the chocolates come from world’s finest cocoa.

5. Unique dining experiences:

The Armani hotel provides eight magnificent dining experiences, catering to the high end consumers with the excellence of their culinary art. One would find the most scrumptious and delicious dishes adorned with seasonings and garnishes that would flare the taste buds of ordinary people.

Armani hotel is sure to live up to the expectations of its exclusive brand name thorough their hotels as well.