Why Hire a Professional to Shoot Your Holiday Home Photos?

Why Hire a Professional to Shoot Your Holiday Home Photos?

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Why Hire a Professional to Shoot Your Holiday Home Photos ?

You may wonder why you should hire a professional to shoot the photos of your holiday home. I mean, after all, isn’t just a matter of going through each room and snapping a few shots?

Unfortunately not.

A professional photographer has years of experience in lighting, exposure, and angles that will get the most from each shot. Getting the proper angle and lighting can make turn a good picture into a captivating one.

Shopping is all about emotion, and emotion plays even a grander role when it comes to planning your vacation. Think about it. You’re planning a trip to Dubai, an exotic destination. Now, you’ve already begun to create an image of what your perfect getaway will look like.

Next, you go online and begin your search. Where should you stay? The place you choose will reflect your idea of the ideal holiday.

Your property only has one chance to capture that traveler’s attention. You don’t want just pictures of your rental, you want images that send a message to the traveler, a message that conveys the very essence of your property.

A picture may be able to create a thousand words, but a picture may not be able to truly capture what the eye sees and the heart feels(especially if it is taken by a non-professional).


Think back, have you ever taken a picture of something or someplace you thought was absolutely breathtaking, and when you look back at the picture you realize that the picture just doesn’t quite look like what you remember? It doesn’t instill that same sense of awe, the tug at your heart as when you saw it with your own eyes.

This is what we’re talking about.

Capturing the essence of something isn’t easy. It requires a keen eye, and a talent for telling a story through images. It requires a professional.

It is worth the cost of hiring one, but there’s no need for you to worry. The great thing about listing your property with KeysPlease.ae is that this service comes free of charge to our property owners. With KeyPlease we hire the professionals that will come in and capture that “je ne se qua” that makes your property unique. Check out our listings to get an idea of what we can do for you.

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