Dubai Night Life Archives –

Dubai Night Life Archives –

Anybody who has experienced the nightlife of the marvelous city of Dubai certainly knows how amazing it truly is. And such a great nightlife would not have been possible if it were not for the fact that the city is packed with some of the best bars and night clubs of the whole world. In fact, most tourists would agree with the fact that spending a night at Dubai comes in the lives of only a few lucky individuals.

The nightlife in the mega city of Dubai has gained prominence in the mid 1990s. This was a critical point in the history of the city since, at that time, the city was being compared with the likes of other great cities such as New York, Berlin and Ibiza. Dubai is even more vibrant than those cities; not surprisingly, it is often said that this city never sleeps.

Only a handful of the clubs in Dubai remain open after 3 AM in the night. Most would close way before even though they are eager to welcome the crowd of all-nighters. The clubs roll in music throughout the only before 3 AM. They are usually draped in darkness when the music plays. However, right when the clock strikes at 3, the whole interior is lightened up, taking all the visitors by surprise.

The reason for the early closing of the clubs is simple; the authorities of the cities have strictly asked them to close before 3 AM. The restrictions are even more stringent during the holy month of Ramadan. Most of the clubs remain closed for the whole month. However, a few do stay open but they usually do not allow the opportunity of music or dance during that time.

Apart from the Ramadan month, the nightclubs in Dubai bask in great music and dance, making them as vibrant as those in other cities like New York. In fact, many DJs who are popular throughout the work often come to the night clubs, adding to their spark. For instance, DJ Tiesto, Paul van Dyke, Eric Morillo, Hed Kandi, Groove Armada, Ferry Corsten, DJ Krafty Kuts and Schiller from Peppermint Club are just a few of the famous DJs who visit the night clubs of Dubai on a regular basis.

Before the advent of 2000, no visitor had to pay even a center to enter a night club or a bar in this great city. However, afterwards, the popularity of the city has drastically increased and so has the number of both tourists and local residents. This means most of the clubs in the city are not able to accommodate all the people. As a result, they have found a solution to the problem – by asking for a charge to enter the clubs. Most clubs would usually charge around 50 dirhams for an entry to the club; the more popular clubs would charge more (up to 100 dirhams). However, this is the price for only normal entry and would include only one or two drinks. If people want to enjoy more, such as ask for DJs, they will have to pay as much as 200 dirhams.

A few of the nightclubs do offer entry for absolutely free. But this is usually offered only during weeknights. Moreover, the clubs usually favor women to men when it comes to offering free entries; men usually have to pay a charge almost every time they want to enter a night club.

Thursdays and Fridays are the two days of the week when the night clubs in Dubai stay the most busy. This is because the current Dubai weekends are on Fridays and Saturdays; so, most people go out to chill after a stressful week on Thursdays.

Considering the large crowd of tourists and residents in the city, it is not hard to imagine that a visitor will have a lot of trouble in entering a club  even if he or she is willing to pay extra dirhams for that. This is even tougher for single men or men who come in groups than for women or couples. As a result, while they are waiting in the queue to get into the club, wise men usually persuade other single women to act as if they are couples – so that they have a higher chance of getting in.

Most sophisticated clubs in Dubai allow in only people who are on their lists. And to prevent people whose names are not on the list, the clubs employ a number of strong, strict men. As a result, the best way to get into a night club of Dubai is to book in advance a table and perhaps a bottle; the bottle alone costs several hundred dollars.

On the other hands, other clubs – when faced with a crowd larger than its capacity – randomly choose which people they want to let in and which they do not. However, there is usually no bias – such as racism – in choosing the visitor. However, men who are wearing local dresses (such as kandooras and dishdashas) and women who are wearing abayas will generally not be allowed to enter the clubs. This is not because of racism but rather the fact that the law does not allow people to enter clubs or bars while they are wearing local dresses. It is also common to find that most clubs do not allow Muslim people to enter the clubs during the holy month of Ramadan.