dubai real estate

dubai real estate

Posted on by Carole Soto

The Dubai Real Estate Market is Recovering from the Bubble Burst

The phenomenal growth that began in 2002 when Dubai began to allow foreign property ownership opened the flood gates to the Dubai real estate market. Real estate became the #1 investment, and in an unregulated market, developers and investors alike were cashing in big. As property values soared, investors bought and sold property several times over in a practice known as flipping, before ground was even broken on a new project. 

But the Dubai real estate market came to a screeching halt with the global economic crisis of 2009. And, when the bubble burst, many investors were left holding the bag with over-inflated properties. Dubai property value declined drastically, and homeowners were stuck with loans for real estate worth far less than what they paid. The future of Dubai real estate seemed bleak. 

However, a lot has changed since then as the Emirate began to focus on rebuilding the confidence and trust in a market that took such a devastating blow. In 2010, Dubai shifted its attention from building to maintaining its existing properties which are based on more secure cash flows. Regulations were established for both real estate development and financing, and a stronger emphasis was placed on lower to middle income housing.

Although Dubai was hit hard, it is slowly making a comeback. And the market correction of 2009 has made Dubai, once known as the playground for the rich and famous, a much more affordable place to visit and live. Many Dubai hotels are now offering amazing hotel packages, and short-term holiday rentals provide an even more affordable alternative. Whether you prefer to stay in a Dubai hotel, or in the comfort of a Dubai apartment or villa, DubaiShortStay offers a broad selection of accommodations to suit your needs.

Why Not Convert Your Dubai Property into a Short-Term Holiday Rental?

For those Dubai real estate owners who have struggled to maintain their property through this difficult time, DubaiShortStay offers the perfect solution. Why not consider turning that property into a short-term holiday rental? Short-term rentals can bring a much high return than the long-term option. In addition, turning your property into a short-term rental provides the flexibility and freedom to work with the market as it recovers. Since the property is not locked into a long-term commitment, owners can easily make their property available for sale at any time. 

DubaiShortStay makes converting your property easy and hassle-free. We can furnish your Dubai property at a very reasonable cost, and with our management services, we take care of everything, the scheduling, the rental, the maintenance, everything. You sit back while we do all the work. 

Now is the Perfect Time to Invest in a Dubai Apartment or Dubai Villa

With Dubai real estate being more affordable, now is a great time to invest in a Dubai apartment or villa. As a full-service real estate company, we can help you find the ideal property for you. Many of our clients who own Dubai property and use it as a vacation home, maximize their investment buy listing it with us to rent during those periods of time when it is not in use. Renting their property short-term allows them to earn extra rental income while still having access to the property whenever they wish. 

If you’re interested in turning your property into a short-term holiday rental, or purchasing a Dubai apartment or villa, we can help. For more information, feel free to visit us at or call us at +971 4 328 9899. Our representatives will be happy to assist you.