Dubai Tours

Dubai Tours

Posted on by Carole Soto

People love visiting Dubai, and for good reasons. The city has a lot to offer to its tourists in order to keep them busy throughout their visit. In addition, visitors will remember forever about the great experience that they have had in this megacity.

For instance, the city offers some of the best known hotels where people can relax during the night. Such hotels include Orient House, Qamardeen and Al Manzil – all of which offer a soothing Arabian atmosphere and are located within walking distance from Burj Dubai, which is the tallest tower in the whole world.

In the morning, people can enjoy a breakfast full of Arabian dishes at SMCCU (Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding). People can also know more about the Emirati culture from here.

Nothing is more relaxing than taking a stroll in the Bastakiya area. Stylish wind-tower houses, which were originally owned by rich Persian tradesmen, can be found in this area. In addition, there is the Majlis Gallery and the XVA gallery. The former is famous for souvenirs while the latter offers modern Middle Eastern art. After visiting those galleries, people can enjoy lunch, accompanied by fruit tails, in the Basta Art Café.

Visitors must not forget visiting the Dubai Museum, which is located in an extremely old fort. The museum bears testimony to the fact that Dubai has grown into a megacity from a fishing village. After visiting the museum, people can go to the Bur Dubai. a market that offers sparkling items – such as textiles, slippers and t-shirts; all of these items are of excellent quality and are offered at a very low price. The Bur Duabi is also home to Hindi Lane, a spot where the Hindu residents of Dubai come for performing their rituals as well as for buying essential items, such as fruits and flowers that are needed for carrying out the rituals properly.

A trip to Dubai is incomplete if one does not take an abra ride; this abra is a type of water taxi that traverses from the Creek to Deira, which lies in the other part of the megacity. The ride is extremely cheap, costing a only 33 cents. And while using this type of transport, visitors are surely going to come across the true local residents of Dubai – let it be traders of South East Asian origin or people wearing dishdashas, which is a traditional clothing garment that is strikingly white in color. Moreover, by travelling by the abra, people can avoid the exasperating traffic jams that make travelling through the tunnel and bridge extremely slow.

The abra takes people to the terra firm, where people can mesmerize themselves with the view of dhows, which are local cargo boats that are completely made of wood. These boas carry cargo destined for several regions, such as other Asian and Gulf countries.

The Ahmadiya School is located just a few blocks away. Established in the year of 1912, the school carries the title of being the first non-public school in the city. Next to the school is the Heritage House, which was established much earlier – in the year of 1890, to be more precise. A rich merchant of pearls was the owner of the house at that time. Both of these antique houses feature the classic designs that were present in literally all the houses of Dubai in the early 18th century.

People, who are ready for shopping, can easily take a taxi to go to Deira City Centre, which is one of the most visited shopping malls of the city. The mall is great for buying souvenirs – such as coffee pots made of brass, carpets and Aladdin’s lamps.

Alternatively, people can visit the elegantly designed Jumeirah Mosque, where they can explore the rituals that guide the prayers of Muslim people. The Madinat Jumeirah is not very far from the mosque and is a modern alternative to Arabian souq. Finally, people can finish their visit at Dubai – in a great style – by going for a safari in the desert of Dubai. The safari holds much more offers for the visitors – such as camel rides, belly dance performances, henna tattoo, local cuisines and sheesha smoking. Without the safari, people will never get the opportunity to experience the Arabian Dubai.