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Posted on by Carole Soto

Dubai, being one of the most popular tourist spots in the world, has its share of travelers and adventurers each year. With its fabulous urban landscape, red sand dunes, posh hotels and shopping bonanza, Dubai has become an eye candy for holiday seekers all around the globe. Their offerings are versatile and intriguing that would ensure a fun-filled enjoyable day for the tourists – whether it is a desert safari, a top-open bus tour, shopping at the Gold Sauk, visits in Sharjah and Abudhabi, excursions in palaces or a ride along the coast of the Indian Ocean. Thus, it is no wonder that tourists find themselves in a bustle when booking tickets to that coveted destination. Below are some tips for finding cheap flights to Dubai.

First of all, one must take care as to make their departure date flexible. That can do wonders for the airfare. It is known that airfare on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays can be quite cheap compared to what it is on other days of the week. Avoiding travelling on weekends could also fetch cheaper fares, thus many opt for travelling in midweek. Also it is important that the ticket is booked at least one or two months before travelling. This is a must especially for those who are not quite flexible regarding departure dates. The trip must be planned and outlined significantly ahead of time to ensure the booking does not get delayed until the eleventh hour. More spontaneous travelers would manage well with last minute rides. One can keep on the lookout for cancelled bookings in that case. It is important to note that major airlines do not necessarily provide the cheapest flights. The cheap flights are generally reserved for more popular destinations – like Hawaii and Mauritius – in tourist seasons. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to find discounted flights in major airlines. In that case, flying to airports adjacent to the destination can be a solution for getting cheaper fares.

Nowadays with the advent of online ticket booking and flight information availability, it is quite easy to search for a flight that would be both comfortable and priced reasonably. One can easily browse in the websites of various airlines companies, scan their offered prices, make a comparison in terms of price and facilities and finally come to a conclusion about the chosen flight. All this can be done by just connecting online. One can keep track of portals which offer consolidation services and discounted airline ticket fees. One can search the websites of international airfare service providers like One can also take the help of meta-search engines like, and These websites can bring consolidated information regarding availability and price of airline tickets for a particular destination. There are also various deal websites from where one can get coupon codes and achieve additional discounts.

It is always wise to book round-trip tickets. One-way bookings are generally more expensive. One should take care in avoiding peak tourist seasons (for example, Christmas holidays or Easter holidays) to travel in Dubai. Needless to say, bookings are scarce during the seasons when travelers all around the globe – be it families, groups of friends or lone adventurers – root for the exit queue for a week of bliss and relaxation in a foreign land. The airlines, smelling the opportunity to make a quick buck, elevate the ticket prices sky-high during those seasons. If one is not careful enough, the holiday to the dream destination might be put on terminal hold.

The ticket-booking experience is often one tinged with uncertainly, tension and impatience, but If all these factors are taken into account, it can turn out be a smooth and happy encounter. All that is left to do after that is packing the luggage and outlining the itinerary for the spectacular trip to Dubai.