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dubai travel

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Dubai Travel

Dubai has solidified itself as one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the world. From the initial concept of the Burj Al Arab hotel which was to be more of an icon or landmark for the city, Dubai has grown bigger and bolder in its aspirations to be one of the world’s great destinations, and that continues even today, although now it is at a much slower pace.

Although Dubai, as most places, is currently feeling the impact of the world’s economic downturn, one mustn’t look at the glass as being half empty.  Instead of asking what will Dubai continue to offer, one must focus on the remarkable achievements they have made to date.  From the initial tourist attractions developed in the late 1990’s, such as the Burj Al Arab, to the large ambitious malls, such as the new Dubai Mall; Dubai has developed in a massive way and is now considered a world class tourist resort, and has many facets to its portfolio.   In addition to being an exotic destination, over the past 10 years it has grown at a fast and furious rate with much just recently coming to fruition.  It now offers a vast array of facilities and attractions for its visitors to enjoy.  With world class hotels that have now opened their doors, and a number of top tourist projects Dubai has developed, it has become a truly fascinating place to visit.  Now under the current market conditions, visitors will be able to enjoy taking advantage of seeing all that Dubai has to offer for a fraction of the cost, offering great opportunities for Dubai Travel.

The designed man-made island, in the shape of a Palm Tree, the Palm Jumeirah offers a beautiful coastal location for those on holiday It is now referred to as the 8th wonder of the world.  Some of the other attractions visitors can look forward to are:  Ski Dubai, the region’s largest indoor ski resort; Burj Khalifa, standing over 828 metres high, it is considered the largest building in the world; The Dubai Marina, recognized as one of the largest man-made marinas in the world;  5-star resorts in the middle of the desert; an indoor ice café; several top-notch water parks; a number of world-class championship golf courses; adventurous desert safaris, where visitors can go dune-blasting in a 4X4 or experience the art of sandboarding; or enjoy every facet of water sports, from sailing to deep-sea fishing; they all make for an unforgettable holiday vacation.  In addition, the all year round makes Dubai one of the newest in popular holiday destinations.

To enhance the tourist access, Dubai has focused on its current infrastructure, with the development of the Dubai Metro, bringing public transit to a new level in the city. The city also has designs to build another major airport that will be located south of Dubai in Jebel Ali. Although Dubai Airport is less than an hour to any of the outreaches of Dubai, the Jebel Ali Airport will offer the perfect location for tourists interested in the newly developed tourist areas found in the south of Dubai, and in and around the Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence areas; thus reducing the level of traffic and providing for a more relaxed means of arriving at your perfect holiday retreat. For information about holiday apartments, Dubai hotels and Dubai Villas please visit: