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Since mobile apps were introduced to the market, the Angry Birds phenomenon has raged throughout the world. As one of the most downloaded apps in history, 1.7 billion copies of Angry Bird have been downloaded since it was launched in December 2009. From the original Angry Birds to their newest game, Angry Birds Friends, their popularity only seems to grow.

Now Dubai is looking to bring Angry Birds to the desert, but not through a mobile app. Those are already commonplace amongst Dubai residents. As a matter of fact, the number of downloads of the game from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait combined, equals 1/5 of the total downloaded worldwide. No, Dubai has something much grander in mind, an Angry Birds theme park.

Dubai would be the first in the Middle East to host an Angry Birds theme park.

Possible locations being considered for the park include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Doha. But with an investment company already in place, Dubai is the most likely candidate. A decision and a signed deal are targeted for the end of 2013.

At present, only three other Angry Bird theme parks have been built in the world. They are: Finland, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. A fourth location, which will be an indoor facility, is scheduled to open in Malaysia in May 2014. The park will be 2,400 m² in size.

How big will the new park be? Well, that all depends on how much the city wants to invest in the park. Nigel Cann, Director of Operations and Business Development at Gebal Co., who is the regional representative of Lappset, builder of the Angry Birds theme parks, in the region says parks can range from 6 million AED ($1.65 million USD) all the way up to 60 million AED ($16.5 million USD) depending on the size of the budget.

Knowing Dubai, and its past history of doing projects in a big way, it’s more likely that the budget will be closer to 60 million AED than 6 million. Actually 60 million AED is a rather inexpensive investment as Dubai attractions are concerned. And with what is considered a small investment, the risk is much lower than other brand-named theme parks around the world. So only time will tell who will be awarded this lucky prize.

Other theme parks under consideration in the Middle East are a Michael Jackson theme park in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi, and a Star Trek theme park in Jordon. check out for your accommodation need.