Honeymoon in Dubai

Honeymoon in Dubai

Posted on by Carole Soto

Choosing a good honeymoon destination often takes up as much time as determining the wedding date.  It is a time when a newly wed couple lovingly embraces the beginning of their married life. The moments spent are intimate and profound. To complement the magnitude of the occasion, the honeymoon destinations are chosen with scrupulous care. It can be it a glitzy cosmopolitan city like New York or London, the beautiful beaches of Mauritius or the Carribean, or the white mountains of the Alps in Switzerland. Or, it can be the stunning desert city of Dubai—the hottest tourist destination in the world at the moment. The city is made for vacationers all over the world and honeymooners make a nice percentage out of the total market pie of tourists. There are plenty to do for the newly weds in this dazzling city. Dubai can be count upon for making a memorable honeymoon.

The best time for vacation in Dubai is from October to April. The period of time between November and February is a perfect time for honeymooning in Dubai. Between May and September it’s very hot weather, so those times should be skipped.

Desert safari is an adventurous way to kick off the honey moon week. A four wheeler would give a ride through the sand dunes for a quick trip. A more authentic way would be to surf the desert upon the hump of a camel. Couples can choose between a day trip and an overnight stay. Camp dinner at night with exclusive Arabian dishes and traditional belly dancing could be something to look forward to.

Hot Air balloon rides would enable couples to experience the desert from up high. Less adventurous ones can choose a helicopter ride to take in the sea of desert and the highlights of the city.

If the hot desert is not deemed agreeable, the indoor skiing ramps in the massive Mall of Dubai are just the places to be. There are five skiing slopes, each for different difficulty level. Ski equipment can be found nearby in shops.

Couples can spend cozy moments in the sophisticated wine bars and refined clubs at night. The nightlife of Dubai is not loud and riotous but calm and classic. Couples can also hang around local cafes and restaurants that remain open during the night.

The local culinary delights can add more sweetness and spice in the lives of the honeymooners. Local delicacies include shwarma—grilled meat inside bread with salad dressing. There are also ethnic dishes like houmous, falafel and tabbouleh. Numerous other international cuisine such as French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Pakistani, Lebanese and Iranian cuisines can be found in high-end hotel restaurants.

There are multiple beaches in Dubai –the most famous of which is the Jumeirah Beach—where couples can absorb the beauty of the serene Gulf Sea holding hands under the beach umbrella. The more adventurous ones can head straight for the waters to enjoy surfing. Those who prefer more calm and controlled waters can visit the Wild Wadi—a huge water park complete with twenty three rides.

The shopping malls in Dubai are some of the grandest to anyone’s eyes and perfect for picking out gifts for the better half. Traditional Arabian spice markets are worth seeing as well. And who can forget the dazzling gold sauks? The gold jewelry there is simply breathtaking.

Dubai trip is incomplete without visiting famous landmarks as the likes of Jumeirah Mosque, the Bastakiya area, the 200 year old Al Fahidi Fort, the Palm Deira, the Burj Dubai, the Nad Al Shaba racetrack and the Burj Al Arab. Taking a luxurious dinner cruise on the famous Dubai Creek is also an attractive option.