Hotel Apartments offer Comfort and Convenience.

Hotel Apartments offer Comfort and Convenience.

Posted on by Carole Soto

Hotel Apartments Mix the Amenities of a Hotel with the Conveniences of Home

Although the hotel market is flourishing in Dubai, many hotel chains have recognised the increase in demand for hotel apartments. Dubai’s growth rate has increased exponentially in its need for business services, especially in the areas of technology and construction. This has brought with it many expat business executives requiring a longer-term stay than just a few days. 

Even with the amenities of a 5-star, hotel life for an extended amount of time can easily become stale. As creatures of habit, we as human beings appreciate the benefits of home. Hotel apartments combine the best of both worlds, at a cost that is typically lower than that of the hotel. 

Staying in the relaxing setting of Dubai hotel apartment provides great flexibility and freedom with your own self-catering facilities and the spacious quarters and the ease and convenience of hotel amenities such as room service, laundry services, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, and restaurant facilities. 

Extended stays have become more commonplace, and many hotel chains have seized the opportunity to cash in on hotel apartment market, building facilities near popular business hubs such as Dubai Internet and Media Cities.

But these facilities aren’t just for the business traveler. The huge expansion that has occurred over the past several years has opened up opportunities for families from all over the globe to visit Dubai’s shores. More and more of these families are seeing the benefits of choosing this cost-effective alternative. Many hotel apartments are close to major shopping malls and popular family entertainment venues like the Mall of the Emirates and its famous indoor ski resort, Ski Dubai. 

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