How to Stay Safe and Secure in Your Apartment

How to Stay Safe and Secure in Your Apartment

Posted on by Carole Soto

Security is essential for safe, stress-free apartment living. Every time you move into a new apartment building, it’s important to research the premises and the surrounding area ahead of time. Once you’ve moved in, adhering to best safety practices is key for minimizing the risk of theft and other incidents.

A physical visit will give you a chance to check out the building itself as well as the surrounding area. Pay attention to the exterior of the complex and common interior areas, such as hallways and laundry facility. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the landlord. You should feel good about the security of your apartment before signing a lease.

Request new locks

Once you’ve settled on an apartment building, gotten approved, and signed a lease, ask the landlord to replace the locks. Landlords don’t always switch the locks when they get new tenants, even when they say that they do.

You never know if previous tenants still have their old keys or if they lent keys to people who never returned them. Getting a brand-new lock ensures you won’t have someone showing up and getting in with an old key.

Keep the doors locked, including the balcony door

Regardless of the safety of your building and neighborhood, it’s best practice to keep your doors locked at all times. Unless you’re expecting someone to visit, don’t leave the front door open or unlocked, even when you’re home. When you’re in for the night, secure the deadbolt or other secondary locking system.

Don’t use the balcony as storage for valuable belongings

Keeping your balcony or porch clear of valuable belongings a no-brainer for ground level units. It’s still important to avoid using the balcony to store valuable items when you live on an upper level.

When people see a bicycle sitting out on a balcony unsecured, they may attempt to break into the apartment to steal it. If you have large valuable items out on the balcony, lock them up.

Install a wireless security system

Burglars are much less likely to attempt break-ins at apartments with security systems. Display your wireless provider sign prominently to deter potential criminals. Wireless security systems are ideal for renters, as they don’t require drilling.

Most modern security systems offer a range of wireless solutions, ensuring you’ll find a package that fits your needs. If you’re anticipating moving within the next couple of years, look into security systems that don’t require a contract. When your lease is up, you won’t risk a penalty if you move and don’t keep the security system service.

Get a peephole for the door

Before moving into the building, look for a peephole in the door. If there is a peephole, make sure it’s working properly. If there isn’t a peephole or there’s an issue with the existing peephole, request to have a new one installed.

Alternatively, if you’re installing a security system, consider a system that allows you to see who’s at your front door before letting them into your unit. Switch on the lights or keep the lights on a timer when you aren’t at home Burglars are much less likely to approach a building when they think someone is home.

Keep at least one or two lights on at all times, especially at night. If you’re gone for long stretches of the day or you travel often, consider setting up your lights on a timer. Many modern wireless security systems have the capacity for smart home features, which include lighting controls. If you have exterior lights, switch them on at night.

Add another lock to the sliding glass door

Sliding glass balcony doors are equipped with locks, but they often aren’t very good locks. Reinforcing the built-in sliding glass door lock with a security bar is essential in an apartment complex, it’s worth the time and money to boost your balcony door security.

You can install an inside bar lock, pole on the track, or secondary locking mechanism. A supplement locking system features a metal pin that is inserted through the door frame and into the sliding door.

Invest in good blinds

Good blinds give you and your family privacy and keep curious eyes from being able to see inside. The less potential burglars know about your valuable possessions, the more secured apartment you will have!