Nakheel Mall the New Dubai Attraction Coming to Palm Jumeirah

Nakheel Mall the New Dubai Attraction Coming to Palm Jumeirah

Posted on by Carole Soto

Another mall in Dubai? You betcha. Development is now underway for a new mall on the famous Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s famous man-made island designed in the shape of a palm tree. The new Dubai attraction with its futuristic design will encompass over 1 million square feet of retail space.  It will cost over 3.3 billion AED ($898 million USD)

Convenience is what it’s all about with the Nakheel Mall. It will be located at the top of the palm’s trunk with monorail service running through the centre for quick and easy drop off. It will also provide easy access links to those residents living on The Palm. It will include the following:

*  5 floors with over 75 shops *  Two anchor stores. One store spanning over 85,000 square feet, and the other over 100,000 *  120 restaurants *  A 46,000 square foot supermarket *  A 21,000 square foot gym *  3 parking levels with over 4000 parking spaces *  A marina, and *  A public walkway

The mall will also be linked to a 40-story hotel that will accommodate 300 rooms and 100 residential apartments, positioning Palm Jumeirah as a prime real estate location for both residents and visitors. Not that it needs any help. But the addition of this uniquely designed Dubai attraction will make it even more attractive.

But does Dubai need another mall? Well apparently it does as a briefing for interested retailers has shown. The demand was so high that they had to split the briefing into two sessions. Major retailers from all around the world seem to be setting their sights on Dubai. And, Dubai seems to be back on track from the economical hiccup that began in 2009. The tourism rate is now growing at 13 percent each year, and the occupancy rate of Dubai hotels is close to 82 percent. All of which support moving ahead with the project.

As a new Dubai attraction, the Nakheel Mall will add another dimension to the long list of other attractions.

With plans to open in 2016, there’s no doubt that the new Nakheel Mall will be an added bonus to the already extensive list of great amenities this exclusive area has to offer. So why not experience this unique vacation destination from the luxury of one of our many apartments for rent in Dubai, and see why this famous city has made such a name for itself around the world.