Novotel Al Barsha – The New Dubai Hotel is Seeing Green

Novotel Al Barsha – The New Dubai Hotel is Seeing Green

Posted on by Carole Soto

Novotel has announced the opening of their newest Dubai hotel, in the Al Barsha district. Novotel, a mid-range hotelier owned by Accor, is no stranger to the Dubai. Accor also owns the Ibis chain of hotels. With 24 facilities in the area, Accor expects to add 11 more by 2015, beginning with Novotel – Al Barsha at a cost of 350 AED ($96 USD) per night.

Going ‘Green’ to Add Beauty to Dubai Hotel

But Novotel – Al Barsha will not just be another hum-drum Dubai hotel made of massive steel and aluminium cladding. This 41-story Dubai hotel is going green. Plans to create a “Green Wall” that will cover the exterior of the first 6 stories are underway. As part of a low-maintenance garden, the 1200 m² wall will be covered with approximately 27,000 plants, adding beauty to the area surrounding Sheikh Zayed Road.  It will be equipped with an automated irrigation system and fertilizer injection pumps intended to provide all the necessary chemicals and food sources to the greenery.

The concept of going green is also not new to Dubai and the other Emirates. The country has intensified its awareness of the need to add greenery. Requiring that all future residential and commercial projects consist of at least 25% outdoor landscaping and green space, the UAE is attempting to add some colour to its desert landscape.

Green Space Per Person has been Increased by Dubai’s Government

The government of Dubai announced back in 2010 that it wants to increase the green space per person to 25 m², from 13 m² by the year 2025. Accomplishing such a goal will cover 38,000 hectacres of Dubai in green. That equates to 25% of the Emirate. One such project which opened in recent months is the Dubai Miracle Garden.That $11 million USD attraction, located off Umm Suquiem Road in Dubailand, covers 72,000 m² with over 45 million flowers, making it one of the largest flower gardens in the world.

Dubai is also considering other green projects such as the “Flower Tower”, a green-themed high-rise covered in trees and plants, proposed by French architect, Edouard Francois. Francois designed a similar project in Paris, but on a much smaller scale. The “Flower Tower” would raise the greenery up tens of metres off the ground.

Only time will tell just how green Dubai can go and what new and unique idea it can come up with for the next Dubai villa, hotel or apartment.

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