palm island dubai

palm island dubai

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The Palm Island Dubai is the First of Three Man-Made Islands Dubai Will Develop

Heralded as the 8th ambitious real-estate developments on the planet. But this man-made island in the shape of a palm tree is just the first of three to jet off the shores of Dubai. Two more islands Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira are in the process of being developed.

The Palm Jebel Ali, originally scheduled to open 2008, had been wrought with delays and took a heavy blow with the economic downturn when everything came to a screeching halt. But work has resumed on building the island, a sign that Dubai is very much back on track with its recovery. And with growing investor confidence, Nakheel, the real estate developer of the three Palm Island Dubai projects has recently announced that it will restart development on Palm Deira. Palm Deira, renamed Deira Island, would added 21 km of beachfront to Dubai’s coastline, prime real estate for new hotels, luxury villas, and shops. Although the Palm Jumeirah has been established for a number of years, since 2006, it is far from mature. At present it draws customers to its shores with Atlantis – The Palm at its crest.

This 5-star resort houses a popular waterpark, AquaVenture that features a 61 metre vertical waterslide, and Dolphin Bay where guests can fraternize with these amazingly docile creatures. But many more projects are still under development.A New Mall is Being Added to the Palm Island Dubai Construction for a new mall is underway at the palm’s trunk. The Nakheel Mall will include over 75 shops, two anchor stores, a supermarket, a gym, and 120 restaurants in its five floor structure. And, for convenience a monorail service will run through its centre to provide quick and easy access. Nakheel has also announced its plan to build a boardwalk on the crescent of the Dubai Palm Island which will span over 11 km.

The Palm Island Dubai Offers a Great Mix of Quality Accommodations The Palm Jumeirah proffers a quality blend of accommodations. From 5-star hotels and top-notch Dubai apartments such as the Shoreline that overlooks the famous Burj Al Arab, to luxury villas with their own private beaches, Palm Jumeirah has something for everyone. And DubaiShortStay has an excellent selection of to choose from. wonder of world, the Palm Jumeirah is considered one of the most Here are three Palm Island Dubai hotels which are featured on our site: Atlantis-The Palm, The One&Only Palm, and the Jumeirah Zaabeel Saray. You can also browse our selection of Dubai apartments, as well as Dubai villas. Booking online is easy, but if you prefer you can call us directly at 971 4 421 4988 via Live Chat where our representatives are available 24/7 to assist you.