The Tallest, the Biggest, the Best – Dubai and the Guinness World Records –

The Tallest, the Biggest, the Best – Dubai and the Guinness World Records –

The Tallest, the Biggest, the Best – Dubai and the Guinness World Records

Dubai is synonymous with the biggest, the tallest, the longest, the best, so it’s no wonder that Dubai is associated with over 59 Guinness World Records. Listed below are 10 (13 – if you count all of the Burj Khalifa’s) of the most well-known records the city is famous for:

1.  The Burj Khalifa (previously known as the Burj Dubai: Standing 828 m high and 160 stories. This building is the grand-daddy of Guinness World Records. They include:

      1.  Tallest Building in the World.
      2.  World’s Tallest Man-Made Structure on Land
      3.  Most Floors in a Building, and
      4.  Highest Residential Apartments.

2.  Largest Shopping Centre: Spanning 548,127 m², the Dubai Mall with houses 1200 retail outlets, over 160 food and beverage outlets, and a 22 screen Cineplex.

3.  Longest Driverless Metro Line: Dubai Metro Red Line at 52.1 m. When combined with its other line it is larger than Vancouver’s Skytrain.

4.  Tallest Residential Building: At 413.4 m (101 stories) high, the Princess Tower, completed in 2012, is the tallest building dedicated to residential use.

5.  Tallest Hotel: The 77- floor twin towers of the JW Marriott’s Marquis Hotel holds the record as the tallest hotel. Formally known as the Emirate Park Towers Hotel & Spa, it stands over 355 m high. The first tower houses 806 rooms. The second tower is due to open in 2015.

6.  Largest Acrylic Panel: Measuring 32.88 m X 8.3 m, this panel is part of the viewing window at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in the Dubai Mall where visitor can observe over 33,000 species of fish an aquatic life.

7.  Largest Indoor Ski Resort: With a total area of 22,500 m² covered in 6000 tons of snow, Ski Dubai offers 5 ski runs, including 1 advanced (black) run, and a 3000 m² Snow Park for tobogganing and sledding.

8.  Largest Seashell Mosaic: 13.81 m long and 12.62 m high, and consisting of 52,835 shells, this mosaic is part of the Dubai Police Headquarters. It took 130 people 45 days to complete.

9.  Largest Automated Parking Facility: This parking facility located at the Emirates Financial Towers spans over 27,606 m². It is completely automated and can support 360 cars/hr. at a maximum speed of 1.25 m/sec.

10. Longest Graffiti Scroll: On March 3, 2012, 274 employees of Habib Bank (Pakistan) spray painted the largest scroll at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. Its theme was to promote the positive aspects of their country.

Stay tuned to future posts for some of the more unusual records associated with this fascinating city.