Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Dubai –

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Dubai –

Posted on by Carole Soto

Dubai, being one of the most attractive and busy tourist destinations in the world, hosts millions of tourists each year in the multiethnic cross-cultural city. However, the success has not come overnight. It has taken a lot of effort on Dubai’s part to ensure that it become the premier tourist spot in the world. Multi-billion dollar projects have been undertaken to transform and evolve the urban posture of Dubai, with each accomplishments taking years of completion time.

Their design has been scrupulous, the technical details foolproof and the construction rigorous. These mammoth projects have given rise to iconic state-of-the-art structures that have made people breathless in wonder. The sheer size of the impeccable structures has made people gaze in awe. Projects like the Palm Islands, Burj khalifa, Burj Al Arab and DubaiLand are just few examples of the exquisite urban architectural displays that Dubai is presenting the world in a periodic basis. Here are the top ten tallest buildings that have made the headlines courtesy their sheer heights and made Dubai renowned in the world.

1. Burj khalifa:

This mammoth structure is the tallest building in the world at an unbelieving height of 828 meters. It has a wonderful design depicting a desert flower of six petals. It is part of a development project called ‘Downtown Dubai’ covering two square kilometer of landscape. The cost of making this building is around 4.1 billion dollars.

2. Ocean Heights:

This tall structure is a residential building with twisted unique curves being one of their eyecatching features. The tower is 310meters tall having 84 floors.

3. 77-storey twin towers Emirates Park Towers Hotel & Spa:

The twin towers stand in unison at a height of 395 meters will be one of the top Dubai Hotels. The towers would consist of a hotel with over 1500 rooms fully equipped with sky terraces, restaurants and cafes, business centers, conference rooms, rooftop bars, banquet halls, gymnasium and swimming pools. The towers would also house a spa and health center covering as much as 3700 square meter.

4. 68-storey Almas Tower:

This tower has a height of 363 meters. This supertall skyscraper houses offices for a number of business entities and service centers for the precious gems industry like diamonds and pearls. For this, the tower has a high security system.

5. Emirates Office Tower:

This tower stands at a height of 355 meters. This is a office building of 54 floors. It is connected with the Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel, both of which are jointly known as the Emirates Tower Complex.

6. Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel:

This stands at 309 meter which is connected with the Emirates Office Tower. The luxury hotel has 56 floors within which rest as much as 40 luxury suites.

7. Rose Tower:

Standing at a height of 333meters, this tower is an exclusive alcohol-free hotel with its own collection of suites, penthouses and a 24 hour cafe. 180 million dollars were invested for the construction of this tower.

8. HHHR Tower:

This stands at 327 meters. This is a residential building of 72 floors which is also sparingly used for commercial purposes. This building is the tallest residential building in Dubai and also the world’s second tallest.

9. Burj Al Arab:

Standing at a height of 321 meters, this gigantic structure is the world’s most luxurious hotel in the world. It is also world’s first seven star hotel. Its architectural elegance is magnified at night amid vibrant displays of color in an aquatic ambience.

10. Al Yaqoub Tower:

This tower stands at a height of 330 meters. Interestingly, this is a clock tower. It is also a residential and office building. Like the HHHR Tower, this also consist of 72 floors.