Top 6 Dubai Bars With An Exceptional View –

Top 6 Dubai Bars With An Exceptional View –

Posted on by Carole Soto

Dubai is one of the most popular megacities in the world, and for good reason. After all, the city is home to some of the world’s most finest night clubs and bars. If people stay busy with all the sights and shopping malls of the city during the day, the night clubs and the bars make them stay similarly occupied in the night. As a result, over the last decade, millions of tourists have visited the city, and they continue to come here for more entertainment.

Dubai is a gorgeous city on its own – thanks to its tall, gigantic yet stylish towers, elegant marinas, desert, beach fronts and cranes – all of which are unique to the city and represent its true identity. As a result, the city is full of wonderful views. By just looking at the city, a tourist can stay busy for hours and wonder how much more the city will develop in the years ahead.

Most of the bars have realized this, and as a result, many of them now offer their guests the chance to enjoy the views. Here is a list of the top 6 bars with exceptional views:

1. Burj Khalifa:

The Burj Khalifa holds the title of being the highest standpoint of the city. As a result, it undoubtedly provides the most clear view of the entire city – among all other night bars. In order to enjoy the view, the visitors must travel to the 124th floor, where there is an observatory deck. It is through this deck that people can have a view of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is also home the Hotel Armani, which is also located in the 124th floor; in this hotel, people can satisfy themselves with a fine meal.

2. Al Dawaar:

It is located at the Hyatt Regency, which can be found on Al Khaleej Road, Deira. The Al Dawaar represents the sole revolving bar of the city. By rotating, the offers a range of views to its guests. As a result, people can enjoy the views of the entire city at different angles. However, people must be careful since the floor rotates as well; so, any person who is not careful enough can lost their balance easily.

3. Eclipse Bar:

This bar is located at the Intercontinental Hotel, which is found in Festival City. This bar is located at the 26th floor of the hotel. The bar is mainly famous for providing exceptional view of the skyline of the city. In addition, the bar is gorgeously designed that is a fusion of modern styles and dark tones. It also offers a range of classic champagnes.

4. Vu’s Bar:

This bar is located at the Jumeirah Emirates Tower. It occupies a space on the 51st floor, which is high enough for providing an excellent view of the entire city. The experience is greatly improved by the bar’s other offerings – such as haute cuisine, classic drinks, elegant atmosphere and marvelous service.

5. Skyview Bar:

This bar is located at the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab. The bar provides a rich atmosphere to its guests and a range of expensive cocktails. However, the best thing about the bar is the fact that visitors can enjoy great views of Dubai. And why not? After all, the bar is located at a height of 200 meters from the sea level. It is situated just opposite to the Al Muntaha restaurant. The bar is also perfect for having drinks after dinner – thanks to its excellent environment.

6. The Observatory:

This bar is located at the 52nd floor of The Harbour Hotel and Residence. From here people can enjoy the views of all the skyscrapers of the city. Moreover, they can easily watch the yachts sail across the Dubai Marina. The view is completed with the inclusion of the Palm Jumeirah.