Who are holiday home rentals best suited for ?

Who are holiday home rentals best suited for ?

Who Are Holiday Home Rentals Best Suited For ?

As this alternative means of accommodation becomes more and more popular, we often get asked the question, “Who are holiday home rentals best suited for?”

We have found that holiday home rentals are best suited for families and/or large groups.

However, they are becoming increasingly more popular with business travelers who find themselves staying in a spot for an extended length of time, such as a week or more.

They are also growing in popularity with honeymooners and couples seeking to make the most out of a romantic getaway.

Apartments and villas rented out short-term can often times save a family lots of money as well as enhance the quality of a vacation. A hotel can cramp the style of any holiday, especially when kids are involved. Holiday rentals provide the luxury and space of a “home away from home”.

And, when you add up the cost of premium hotel accommodations for a family of four staying for a week or more, you will surely see the savings.

In addition, an apartment or villa provides the convenience of a fully-equipped kitchen, and eating in can save you a small fortune, especially in a city such as Dubai.

Large groups can benefit from the rental of a short-term villa. Many of our customers are extended families who share a villa on the popular Palm Jumeirah.

With 4 to 5 bedrooms and over 5000 sf. of space, there is plenty of room for everyone to do their own thing. Many of our villas offer game rooms for the children, a private pool, and your own private beach to build sand castles, fish, or relax under an umbrella with a good read.

These villas are also popular for corporate meetings and events. Hosting an event at a Dubai resort is extremely pricey. Companies can save a lot hosting an event at one of our villas.

Our villas meet or exceed most 5-star hotels in Dubai, plus you will have the added benefit of a private facility to conduct meetings, team build, or plan your next business strategy.

We are also finding that with the construction and growth planned for the city as it prepares for Expo2020, more and more businesses and corporations are sending in personnel for extended stays, a week or more. Short-term rental apartments offer a huge savings for this segment.

Business travelers find that staying in a fully-furnished apartment makes their stay more pleasant and productive by providing them with all the amenities of home.

Couples are also finding that our holiday rentals are an excellent alternative for that romantic getaway or honeymoon retreat. The added benefits of the additional privacy that a vacation rental offers can easily turn that entertaining holiday into the memory of a lifetime.

So whether you are a family, large group, couple, or the business traveler planning to spend a bit of time in the beautiful city of Dubai, holiday home rentals are definitely worth considering. And, we offer the best selection at the lowest price. So check us out. You’ll be happy you did.