Who Benefits Most From Dubai’s New Holiday Homes Law

Who Benefits Most From Dubai’s New Holiday Homes Law

Posted on by Carole Soto

ho Benefits Most From Dubai’s New Holiday Homes Law?

It is true with the new holiday homes law there will be more rules and regulations in a once ambiguous area of Dubai’s real estate and property market. So what was the purpose of creating such laws and who will benefit most?

The purpose of creating such laws is to better manage the Dubai’s tourism market. In the past holiday home rentals were treated differently than its accommodation cousin, the hotel sector. The Dubai government, with the award of Expo 2020, has acknowledged the need for better regulation of this market.
Expo 2020 means that Dubai will need to double its accommodations over the next 5 years. To do this effectively and efficiently will mean bringing in the holiday homes sector to be governed under the same umbrella as that of hotels, under the direction of the DTCM (Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing).

Its purpose is to oversee the safety of Dubai’s visitors as well as ensure that when booking your Dubai accommodations, they can be guarantee you are dealing with a legitimate licensed operator, approved by the government.

Public safety is the primary concern of the Dubai government. It today’s age, it is critical that the government know who is in the country and where they are staying. Now, holiday home licensed operators will need to provide this information to the DTCM when you check-in just as hotels have done for years.
The government also wants to ensure that when you book your stay you are receiving quality accommodations that match what was promised. In the past, you never knew if what you were getting was what was advertised, and if it wasn’t, you had no place to turn. With the new rules and regulations all of that is changed.

Now, as long as you book with an accredited licensed operator, such as Keys Please, you can be assured that you will receive the quality accommodations you expect.
So who wins? Everyone!

The Dubai government wins because it has better control over managing public safety and the city’s reputation as one of the world’s top tourist spots.

Licensed operators win because they no longer have to compete with unprofessional individuals and companies promising the world at cheap rates then delivering substandard accommodations.

But you, the one who is planning a trip Dubai, are the biggest winner. You can be assured when you visit this great city, that the government of Dubai is doing everything they can to ensure your safety and that your stay in Dubai is a positive one.

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